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"I want to show you something" Will said with a soft voice and intense eye contact.
He gave me a cheeky look and a crooked smile. "You'll love this. Now, close your eyes and do not open them until I say so."
No this was going to be interesting.
I did what I was told to and closed my eyes tightly. My body was stiff and I had to remind myself to breath. All my senses awoken.  I could hear every sound, I could smell the candle lights and I could feel the sticking material of the sofa. Seconds passed, and I began to wonder. I heard him mess around with something in the room, though I could not identify the object. Suddenly I heard him take a deep breath and my whole body reacted by tighten all the muscles. I sat at the very edge of the sofa. It was about to happen...
Then I heard it.
It was a hollow sound, and metallic, but in a soft way. First, one tone that started out gently and carefully, then, it was joined by a deeper tone, which slowly increased the speed. More tones joined in. They spun in and out of each other, creating real music. It somehow sounded as the wind, it sounded like the blue, clear sky. The deepest of the tones reached my skeleton.
This was not what I expected, but it was indeed beautiful and very sensing. And mesmerizing, apparently, 'cause for some time, I had totally forgotten where I was.
As the tones were at their highest, I was really beginning to feel impatient to see this mysterious wonder. Maybe it was just my imagination, but as I grew more and more impatient, the tones seemed to tease me, and it only made me more annoyed. Suddenly it all seemed to slow down, and when he had hit the last tone, there was only the silence. He kept teasing me.
"Okay, you can open your  eyes now."
I didn't have to search for long to find the instrument. He had it in his lap. A big metallic UFO-shaped drum.
Something beautiful
Okay, the third page of whatever this is. I really need to find this story a title. And please correct me, I got a feeling that this page is filled with mistakes. Anyway, if you haven't already guessed, the UFO drum is a hang drum. A really cool and beautiful instrument. Tell me what you think :3
We ended up at his place. I really liked it there, it had such a special vibe. He had these cozy furniture that looked like something from the 70's. He had all kinds of art hanging on the walls, art I didn't understand, but I didn't feel the need to, 'cause they fit right in. He had his instruments all over the place, but they didn't mess, they just completed his little home. But what fascinated me the most was he's great collection of plants. They stunned me every time I walked in. The green light that filled the room was pure magic to me. Yeah, I was easy to impress.
While I was taking my jacket off, he looked at me with a smile.
"I'll make some hot chocolate. Whipped cream or marshmallows?"
"Marshmallows" I blinked.
He went to the kitchen, and I headed straight to the turntable. I took a complacent look at his shelf with music from today and 50 years back. No wonder the shelf covered the entire wall..
On the opposite wall he had all his books.
In the chaos of names, I spotted the name of John Lennon, and few minutes later "Woman" filled the air.
"That's an excellent choice" he had sneaked up behind me.
"Well, uh, yeah" I studded. He was really close, I even think I could feel his heartbeat. Or, maybe it was my own..
He took my hand and led me down to the sofa, and gave me the hot chocolate. The tiny marshmallows where heart shaped.
I don't know wtf to call this chapter, but it's the continuing to "The start" xD
While he was gazing at the glorious sunset  in the horizon, I stood next to him and gazed at his winter cold eyes. The sunlight reflected in his eyes, and colors of blue, white, grey and a warm orange played, in the corner and center of his eye. His hazel brown hair framed his beautiful face. His mouth was pale, cheeks were lightly blushed, and his eyes sparkled. He must have felt my staring look, because slowly, he turned his head and looked me right in the eyes.
"It's a beautiful sunset, don't you think?" he asked me with the soft voice of his, and that charming smile he'd put on at special occasions.
"Yeah, it is" I nodded eagerly, and returned his smile. Just less charming. Although he didn't seem to take note of that, 'cause suddenly he stretched out his arm, grabbed my arm and pulled me into his chest.
Stiff as wood I stood there in his arms, I simply couldn't move. This was the best thing ever, and yet, I just stood there, totally awkward. While his eyes had returned to the sunrise, I grabbed the chance and sneaked my arm around his waist. He hugged me tighter and I could finally hug him back. We stood like that for a long time, before any of us realized, that the sun was replaced by the moon. I looked up and he met me with his blue eyes. We didn't say anything but slowly, he began to walk backwards and I did not want to let go of his hand, so I followed him into the darkness.
The start
Wow, I've been productive today..xD 
This is inspiration from a beautiful sunset I experienced some days ago. After the first line, I just kept writing and writing, and I'm pretty happy about it.
Maybe this is the start on something new. ;) 
  • Mood: Lonely
To think of her, is just as painful as the fact, that she is gone now. Forever... My dear mother is no longer in pain..

I will never be able to hold her hand again, to gentle squeeze her in a warm hug, or to look at that poor face that carreis nothing, but a miserable life. That tought alone is killing me, and it makes me wanna shout to everyone, how muh they should love and respect their parents while they still have them.

I don't have my mom anymore! 

I should've told her way more often, how much I loved her, even after all this shit, but because I never did that, I'm falling apart. I wish she knew.

I feel so alone, empty, abandoned, helpless, confused, regretful, lost
my body hurts because of this pain
I wanna see her, just one more time, see her smiling with nothing to worry about. 
I can't take this anymore!


Maria Yedgarian Andersen
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hi, my name is Maria and i am 17 years old. I love to ride and draw horses (digital and traditional).
Im here at Deviantart because I would like to get some inspiration and become better at drawing. :)

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Indie, Alternative
Faveourite actors: Viggo Mortensen, Kristen Stewart, Jim Carrey and Eddie Murphy
Favourite writer: Stephenie Meyer.
Favourite books: The Twilight Saga, Golak, the dead country.
Favourite style of art: Traditional and digital
Favourite animal: Horses, of course
Favourite thing to do: Drawing and listen to music.
Favourite movie: The lord of the rings!!!:heart:
Favourite genre: Fantasy!:la:

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